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Trevor Roberts

Lives: Lurgan, Co Armagh N Ireland

DOB: 1961

Occupation: Cleaning equipment engineer

Currently competing in: CIK European Superkart Championship

Career highlights: World Champion 1995; Two-times British Champion; UK Cup winner in 1996 and 1997; British Kart GP winner 1995, 2006 and 2007.

What got you interested in motor sport in the first place?

For me, it’s the thrill of speed. I’m the first one in the family to try it – there were no family connections to motor sport. I’d go with my brothers to watch rallies – rallying is big in Ireland – but a kart was about my limit. It’s the cheapest form of the sport.

Where/how did you get started?

I bought a gearbox kart for about £1000, 20 years ago and did club events at Nutts Corner. You can still pick up a decent kart for a couple of grand to get going. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune after that either. At club level you’ll spend a few hundred quid a year on entry fees and sticking some petrol in it. You don’t need to go blowing a fortune on things like new tyres.

What tips would you pass onto someone who wants to start competing?

Its handy if you can get in with someone who can offer good help and advice.

Are you a member of a motor club and how long for?

I belong to the 500 MC at Kirkistown in Northern Ireland and the Ulster Karting Club. I often go down to Kirkistown - there are a lot of people with experience at all levels of motor sport. You can learn from their mistakes.

Why would you recommend taking up motor sport?

Gearbox karts, for me, offer an unrivalled buzz. You can be doing 100mph-plus with your backside two inches off the ground. How people get a thrill out of, say, golf I don’t know. It’s an incredible high.