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Whether you’re seeking your local motor club (Search for Motor Sport clubs), hunting an MSA recognised motor sport school (Search for Motor Sport Schools) or trying to track down some top class motor sport to set your heart beating (Search for Motor Sport Events),’s high-powered search engines have all the answers.

You can either search by postcode or by discipline, or you can narrow down the search even further by searching by both. Just enter your post code into the box below and/or select your required discipline and then click on ‘search’ button. Not all motor sport clubs are listed. The clubs on this database are all MSA registered clubs who have opted into the initiative. The distances shown are based on a post code to post code search rather than on ‘Routefinder’ results.

If for any reason you fail to find a motor club in your area via the search engine below please click here to enter the motor sport club directory on the official MSA website.

This ‘Go Find’ area also has lists of permanent motor sport venues and national motor sport clubs in the left hand side index.

Those MSA registered clubs. motor sport clubs, race/rally schools and venues not currently listed but wanting to add their details to the relevant 'Go Find' search engine databases should contact the Go Motorsport co-ordination office by emailing their request to:

Motor Sport Clubs
Motor Sport Clubs
There are hundreds of Motor Sport Clubs across the country so find out which ones are closest to you and see what amazing experiences they have to offer.
GO Motor Sport Clubs
With close to 5000 events on the UK motor sport calendar there’s lots of spectacular action on show throughout the country. You can track down events by date, discipline and/or proximity.
GO Events
Permanent Venues
Permanent Venues
Motor sport events take place at venues all over the country. Click here to see which ones are near you.
GO Permanent Venues
Race And Rally Schools
Race And Rally Schools
If you want to learn the tricks of the trade why not take part in the numerous courses put on by Schools around the country.
GO Race And Rally Schools
Local Club
With 750 clubs across the UK,
there will always be one near you.
Moday, 23 April 2012
Two of the Uk's leading motor sport shows have moved to an exciting new venue at Silverstone.