Motorsport UK

Race, Rally & Kart Schools

If you want to go either Racing, Stage Rallying or Karting, you will first need to take a test with an accredited school.

These schools are grouped together under three banners:

So if, for example, you want to race, you will need to buy your Go Racing pack from Motorsport UK, then book your ARDS test by getting in touch with one of the schools listed on the ARDS website.

The process for going Rallying or Karting is the same, except that you will instead need to buy a Go Rallying or Go Karting pack and take your test at either a BARS or ARKS school.

Once you have passed your test you will be able to apply for your Competition Licence.

As well as acting as test centres, these schools are great for anybody wishing to get a first taste of motor sport or looking to improve their skills behind the wheel prior to taking part in competitive events.