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Ian Smith, Regional Development Officer - East Midlands

Name: Ian Smith

What region do you cover: East Midlands

When did you become an RDO: April 2018

Favourite part of the job: Having been involved with BMMC Midlands Committee for the last decade I have been involved with taster days for new marshals and actively helped seeked competitors to join the Sprint Championship I volunteer and help run. As such the progression to the RDOs role was an opportunity to get some MSA backing to promote motorsport and have a real influence in bringing in new people in to the arena.

Interesting fact: As a Tyre Technician during the late 90s I had two sessions at Test World in Ivalo, Lapland (200km above the Arctic Circle) developing a new winter tyre concept. The experience was a real revelation working at temperature of -25C and below in 24-hour darkness and driving on the 3 metres thick ice on Lake Inari, also testing on snow in the proving grounds. The opportunity to see the Northern Lights, local Nomadic Culture and the vast abundance of Reindeer roaming the around whilst sampling the local food and drinks which included Cranberries and Reindeer in almost every dish. This was a real opportunity to enjoy the Finish hospitality and something that I will remember for many years to come.

Contact details: [email protected]